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  • Jimmy Witherspoon – Evenin' Blues

    Evenin’ Blues

    Bra kvällsblues!
  • Workin' With The Miles Davis Quintet

    Workin’ With The Miles Davis Quintet

    "The most incredible quality of Workin' is that by today's standards this is old, even old-fashioned music, and yet it sounds as fresh now as I'm sure it did upon its release." -
  • Jackie McLean - Lights Out!

    Lights Out!

    "The McLean of Lights Out is the hot young bebopper with a slightly acid edge to his sound and a solid blues foundation under everything he played" - enligt Analogue Productions
  • Sonny Rollins – Saxophone Colossus

    Saxophone Colossus (Mono)

    "[...] Saxophone Colossus inspired critics to write scholarly analyses and fans to revel in the hard-swinging invention, humor, and tender-strength balladry!" - enligt Analogue Productions

Visar alla 4 resultat