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  • Gregg Allman – Laid Back

    Laid Back

    "Rock 'n roll was born in the South, man. It's like saying rock-rock." - Gregg Allman funderar på begreppet Southern Rock.
  • Aco Bocina - Mediterranean Feeling - In The Bibiena Theatre

    Mediterranean Feeling – In The Bibiena Theatre

    Är du sugen på lite mandolinvirtuositet, då kan detta vara något.
  • Joe Jackson – Body And Soul

    Body and Soul (2 x 45 rpm)

    "[...] intelligent romantic ballads that legitimize naked emotions." - Stereo Review. Jag kunde inte ha sagt det bättre själv.
  • The B-52's – The B-52's

    The B-52’s

    "The B-52s, you know, our songs are about volcanoes or lobsters. Cindy and I sing them like our lives depend on them." Kate Pierson sätter fingret på en grej som gör B-52's så bra.
  • Little Willie John – The Complete R&B Hit Singles

    The Complete R&B Hit Singles

    "Diminutive in size but gigantic in stature, Little Willie John was a genuine architect of soul. Along with Clyde McPhatter, Ray Charles, and Sam Cooke, the visionary singer stood at the forefront of fusing gospel intensity to rhythm and blues tradition." - Enligt Real Gone Music
  • Elvis Presley – From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee

    From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee

    Musik för vuxna.
  • The Church – Starfish

    Starfish (2 LP)

    "If you haven’t heard this edition of Starfish, you haven’t heard Starfish." - enligt en recension hos PsychoBabble
  • Roy Orbison – Lonely And Blue

    Lonely and Blue (2 x 45 rpm)

    Enligt Roger Burman på Radiosporten är det på grund av återkommande önskemål från lyssnare som Roy Orbisons låtar spelas ofta.
  • The Doobie Brothers – Minute By Minute

    Minute by Minute

    "Subtle, gently electrified groove epitomizes the main focus of this album." - Speakers Corner
  • Harry Nilsson – Son Of Schmilsson

    Son of Schmilsson (2 x 45 rpm)

    "That incident ruined my reputation for 10 years. Get one Beatle drunk and look what happens!" - Harry Nilsson om att gå på krogen med John Lennon.
  • Rip It Up: The Best of Specialty Records

    Rip It Up: The Best of Specialty Records

    "Elvis may be the King of Rock and Roll, but I am the Queen." - Little Richard
  • Livingston Taylor – Good Friends

    Good Friends

    "[...] recorded with minimalist miking techniques and without overdubbing or artificial enhancement to ensure the purest and most natural sound possible." - Enligt Chesky
  • Milt Jackson and Ray Charles - Soul Brothers

    Soul Brothers

    "[...] this edition lays bare the relaxed, bluesy, often-boppish jazz on display from these two giants" - enligt ORG Music
  • Jimi Hendrix – Blues

    Blues (2 LP)

    “Blues is easy to play, but hard to feel.” – Jimi Hendrix
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - Willy And The Poor Boys

    Willy And The Poor Boys

    "the best one yet" - Rolling Stone recenserar.
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival ‎– Bayou Country

    Bayou Country

    Bra musik att ha på om man ska laga en Gumbo.
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - S/T

    Creedence Clearwater Revival

    "He’s no Albert King, but he plays a fine guitar at times" - Rolling Stone recenserar John Fogertys gitarrspel
  • Jimi Hendrix ‎– The Cry Of Love

    The Cry of Love

    “When things get too heavy, just call me helium, the lightest known gas to man.” - Jimi Hendrix som visserligen var duktig på gitarr, men nån naturvetare var han icke. Som alla vet är vätgas den lättaste kända gasen.
  • Santana - Amigos


    "“We want to extend an invitation to healing... Turn off the news and turn on the light in your own heart." - Carlos Santana
  • The Pretenders - S/T

    The Pretenders

    "It's a deep, rewarding record, whose primary virtue is its sheer energy" - enligt Allmusic
  • The Best Of The James Gang

    The Best Of The James Gang

    Joe Walsh är gift med Ringo Starrs svägerska. Nog sagt.
  • Jennifer Warnes - The Hunter

    The Hunter

    "Remastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, the sonics are luscious" - Greg Cahill i The Absolute Sound
  • Jennifer Warnes - Another Place, Another Time

    Another Time, Another Place

    "Ms. Warnes shapes ten classic tunes and a brand-new song into a profound narrative of living, loving and making sense of changing times" - enligt Impex
  • Jazz - Ry Cooder


    "Historically informed, yet not adhering to the original instrumental ensemble, this ostensibly antiquated music enjoys a brilliant renaissance." - Speakers Corner säljer in skivan
  • Band of Gypsys - Jimi Hendrix

    Band of Gypsys

    “I try all night to play a pretty note.” - Jimi Hendrix
  • The Soft Parade - The Doors

    The Soft Parade (2 x 45 rpm)

    "I have never heard so much detail revealed and such blackness behind the notes, nor have the strings and horns been so well reproduced" - Michael Fremer
  • Golden Records Vol. 3

    Golden Records Vol. 3 (2 x 45)

    “I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to. ” - Elvis Presley skojar till det.
  • August and Everything After - Counting Crows

    August and Everything After (2 x 45 rpm)

    "With his influences clearly imprinted on his creative sleeve, Adam Duritz and friends created in 1993 one of the last great analog rock recordings." - Enligt Michael Fremer
  • Morrison Hotel - The Doors

    Morrison Hotel (2 x 45 rpm)

    "I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer / The future's uncertain and the end is always near." - Jim Morrison (Och de gav nobelpriset till Dylan?)
  • Surfin' Safari - The Beach Boys

    Surfin’ Safari (Mono)

    "Unless you are a Beach Boy “completist” and want to hear these songs sounding better than you’ve ever heard them, this debut is not exactly essential. On the other hand, if you can overlook the songwriting you will hear a young band that is getting together its playing chops and getting ready to take its act on the road and hit the really big time." - Michael Fremer recenserar.
  • His Hand in Mine - Elvis

    His Hand in Mine

    "His Hand in Mine isn't just one of Elvis' best LPs, it's one of the best (and best-recorded) gospel sessions of all time." - tycker John Bush på allmusic.com
  • Dusty in Memphis - Dusty Springfield

    Dusty in Memphis (2 x 45 rpm)

    "Big ballady things" med extra soul och i prima ljudkvalité!
  • Gris-Gris - Dr. John


    "How can we market this boogaloo crap?" - Ahmet Ertegun, chef på Atlantic Records, funderar.
  • Second Helping - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Second Helping (2 x 45 rpm)

    Innehåller "Sweet Home Alabama"  kanske det bästa Neil Young har åstadkommit.
  • Elvis Is Back! - Elvis Presley

    Elvis Is Back! (2 x 45 rpm)

    "You can hear Elvis’s jewelry rattle!" - Från Michael Fremers recension.
  • The Trinity Sessions

    The Trinity Sessions

    "... but after paying a security guard twenty-five dollars for an extra two hours, the band was able to finish, and even recorded the final song of the session, "Misguided Angel", in a single take." - Från Wikipedia om inspelningen
  • Surf's Up

    Surf’s Up

    "Bob Dylan turned up to catch the Boys’ set and then remarked aloud as a reporter stood within earshot, 'You know, they’re fucking good, man.'"
  • Sunflower


    "[...] it is one of the few ‘true stereo” (soft) rock records ever recorded" - Michael Fremer, Analog Planet.
  • Surfer Girl

    Surfer Girl

    "Not bad, Usher, not bad." - Murry Wilson till Gary Usher som skrev "In My Room" tillsammans med Brian Wilson.

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