Nyligen inlagda produkter

  • Rhapsodies - Leopold Stokowski

    Rhapsodies (2 x 45 rpm)

    "A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. We provide the music, and you provide the silence." - Stokowski talar till publiken i Carnegie Hall 1967.
  • Five Leaves Left - Nick Drake

    Five Leaves Left

    "[one] of the most beautiful and melancholy albums ever recorded." - Alternative Press
  • Radio City - Big Star

    Radio City

    "The harmonies sound like the lead sheets are upside down and backwards, the guitar solos sound like screwball readymade pastiches, and the lyrics sound like love is strange" - Robert Christgau recenserar
  • #1 Record - Big Star

    #1 Record

    "Give me the Raspberries. Give me Small Faces. Give me Big Star" - Paul Stanley


  • Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

    Brothers in Arms (2 x 45 rpm)

    "I like to buy records for people, make a present of the music." - Mark Knopfler, uppenbarligen en vis, generös man.
  • The Band - The Band

    The Band

    "An A-plus record if I've ever rated one." - Robert Christgau
  • Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan

    Blood on the Tracks (2 x 45 rpm) (Ultradisc One-Step)

    “A revelation when compared with the midrange-centered, reedy, and edgier character of the original Columbia vinyl, the One-Step Blood on the Tracks is a flat-out must have.” —Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound
  • Love Over Gold - Dire Straits

    Love Over Gold (2 x 45 rpm)

    "Gearheads will hear the unique characteristics afforded by his use of a Mesa Boogie Mark II guitar amplifier (soon again employed on Brothers in Arms) and carefully chosen selection of Schecter Stratocasters, 1937 National steel guitar, and Ovation six- and twelve-string models." - Mobile Fidelity