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  • Steamin' With The Miles Davis Quintet

    Steamin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet

    “For me, music and life are all about style.” - Miles Davis
  • So Long So Wrong - Alison Krauss & Union Station

    So Long So Wrong (2 LP)

    "The sound is fast, fat, and ebullient. Bluegrass' cornerstone instruments – fiddle, guitar, banjo, and mandolin – dance off the 180-gram vinyl with a combination of speed and warmth, and detail that doesn't resort to treble hype." - Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound
  • Hope 4 x 45 rpm - Hugh Masekela

    Hope (4 x 45 rpm)

    "I got possessed by music as an infant." - Hugh Masekela
  • Hope - Hugh Masekela

    Hope (2 LP)

    "...Hope is one of those intensely visceral, large as life, and immediately present recordings that will make pretty much any system sound at least very good, and will cause better ones to raise goose bumps." - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, August 2008