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  • The Morning After - J. Geils Band

    The Morning after (SACD)

    "The Morning After is definite proof that the J. Geils Band were well on their way to becoming one of the best rock & roll bands of any era." - från recensionen på
  • Nilsson Schmilsson (SACD) - Harry Nilsson

    Nilsson Schmilsson (SACD)

    Kanske den bästa titeln på en LP-skiva någonsin. Uppföljarna "Son of Schmilsson" och "A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night" förtjänar också att nämnas.
  • I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash

    I Walk The Line (SACD)

    "Mobile Fidelity's I Walk the Line epitomizes the classic Cash sound and approach, through and through." - enligt Mobile Fidelity
  • Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs

    Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (SACD)

    "When they sat down, Allman was playing a solo. As he turned around and opened his eyes and saw Clapton, he froze. Dickey Betts, the Allmans' other lead guitarist, took up where Allman left off, but when he followed Allman's eyes to Clapton, he had to turn his back to keep from freezing, himself." - Från Wikipedia
  • Monk's Dream - Thelonious Monk

    Monk’s Dream (SACD)

    “The piano ain't got no wrong notes.” - Thelonious Monk
  • Santana III - Santana

    Santana III (SACD)

    "This is essential Santana, a record that deserves to be reconsidered in light of its lasting abundance and vision" - Thom Jurek på Allmusic
  • Paradise And Lunch

    Paradise and Lunch (SACD)

    "At times, Paradise and Lunch sounds like a lost Little Feat album" - från The Absolute Sounds recension
  • The Cars - The Cars

    The Cars (SACD)

    "Easy and eccentric at the same time, all are potential hits." - Rolling Stone recenserar
  • Making Movies - Dire Straits

    Making Movies (SACD)

    "His voice is a smoky mixture of Bob Dylan’s acidic whine, Tom Waits’ tubercular snore and J.J. Cale’s breathy, marbles-in-the-mouth whisper." - från Rolling Stones recension (4/5 stjärnor).
  • Volunteers (SACD) - Jefferson Airplane

    Volunteers (SACD)

  • Surrealistic Pillow - Jefferson Airplane

    Surrealistic Pillow (SACD) (Mono)

  • Abraxas - Santana

    Abraxas (SACD)

    "Mysticism and spirituality abound amidst cohesive performances involving a vibrant mélange of purring organs, conga beats, and fluid bass lines." - enligt Mobile Fidelity. Precis vad doktorn ordinerar.
  • Love Over Gold - Dire Straits

    Love Over Gold (SACD)

    "Gearheads will hear the unique characteristics afforded by his use of a Mesa Boogie Mark II guitar amplifier (soon again employed on Brothers in Arms) and carefully chosen selection of Schecter Stratocasters, 1937 National steel guitar, and Ovation six- and twelve-string models." - Mobile Fidelity
  • Love and Theft (SACD) - Bob Dylan

    Love And Theft (SACD)

    "Sometime in the Nineties, Dylan finally blew out his voice — and this was a good thing." - Rob Sheffield i Rolling Stones recension av "Love And Theft".

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