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  • Billy Squier – Don't Say No

    Don’t Say No

    "In 1985, Squier hired a helicopter from the Prince of Nepal and offered $10,000 in cash to two helicopter pilots to land him on the summit of Mount Everest. They turned him down, saying that it was too dangerous" - enligt Wikipedia. Rock'n Roll!
  • Nat King Cole – Just One Of Those Things

    Just One Of Those Things (2 x 45 rpm)

    "[...] this album is among its era's finest recordings of popular music and its quality, style and spirit remains unexcelled." - enligt Analogue Productions
  • Nat 'King' Cole – St. Louis Blues

    St. Louis Blues (SACD)

    Helt utan autotune!
  • Band of Gypsys - Jimi Hendrix

    Band of Gypsys

    “I try all night to play a pretty note.” - Jimi Hendrix
  • Surfer Girl

    Surfer Girl (2 x 45 rpm)

    ' “The Surfer Moon” is simply one of the most perfect two minutes and fourteen seconds of music, let alone pop music, ever written and recorded.' - tycker Jonny Abrams som skriver för och jag tror vi alla kan instämma

Visar alla 5 resultat