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  • Masterpieces by Ellington - Duke Ellington

    Masterpieces by Ellington (2 x 45 rpm)

    "This record from 1951 is one of the finest sounding jazz records you will ever hear." - Michael Fremer på Analog Planet gillar denna.
  • Legrand Jazz - Michel Legrand

    Legrand Jazz (2 x 45 rpm)

    Legrand Jazz is a true reference LP and worth including in any top-notch record library for the jazz aficionado or devoted audiophile. " - Robert H. Levi på positive-feedback.com
  • The Trinity Sessions

    The Trinity Sessions

    "... but after paying a security guard twenty-five dollars for an extra two hours, the band was able to finish, and even recorded the final song of the session, "Misguided Angel", in a single take." - Från Wikipedia om inspelningen

Visar alla 3 resultat