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  • The Young Rascals – Groovin'

    Groovin’ (2 x 45 rpm) (Mono)

    "Notes blossom and decay, voices rise and fall, and the craftsmanship of the arrangements emerges with revealing clarity" - enligt Mobile Fidelity
  • The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol. 1 & 2

    The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol. 1 & 2

    "[...] incredibly hip, angular compositions [...]" -  enligt Blue Note
  • Surfin' Safari - The Beach Boys

    Surfin’ Safari (Mono)

    "Unless you are a Beach Boy “completist” and want to hear these songs sounding better than you’ve ever heard them, this debut is not exactly essential. On the other hand, if you can overlook the songwriting you will hear a young band that is getting together its playing chops and getting ready to take its act on the road and hit the really big time." - Michael Fremer recenserar.

Visar alla 3 resultat